Building a brand from the top down

Docusign offers the industry standard in electronic signature solutions, and in order to reach such an all encompassing audience, you need a large enough tent. Momentum serves as an annual conference that is held for existing and potential customers. My role at Docusign focused on developing a full brand system and scaling it across multiple applications. Beginning with a simple logo mark, the Momentum branding explored the cloud driven connectivity of a global marketplace.







Seamless interactions

Designing and directing a large brand experience starts with the small. When designing the logo, I looked for visual paradigms that built off of the concepts and attributes that I felt reflected what Momentum was. Complete with a responsive website and additional event marketing materials, the entire Momentum experience was designed and built with consistency. Multiple on-site components, display and video materials, and web and digital all adhered to the guidelines that were developed. Additional demand generation creative materials were also designed and leveraged across multiple digital touch-points, email campaigns and social channels.